Installation of real solid or engineered hardwood in your home is the perfect way to transform an area!

Whether it's removing the old dusty carpets or ripping out existing hardwood for a new elegant style, FWF is here to help.

Specializing in custom-milled wide plank, exotic woods, custom designs, borders, patterns, inlays, and medallions.

No matter your style, FWF can produce a floor unique to your home's style and personality.

If you can dream it, Fern Wood Flooring will design and install it!



Refinishing your hardwood floors is an excellent way to bring out the real beauty of your floors and will add value to your home.

Over time, your hardwood floors become dull, scratched, and scuffed. Whether you are looking to bring the life back to dull, scratched, and worn out floors or just wanting to change the style of your home with a new look, Fern Wood Flooring can accommodate all your needs. We use the latest techniques, equipment, eco-friendly finishes, and expert knowledge to produce an outstanding floor while keeping your home clean and dust free.

Picking the right finish for your home is important. While there are many different finishes on the market, we at Fern Wood Flooring have tried them all and pride ourselves on using only the best and industry leading products. Some contractors may use cheaper products to have a lower price than us, but we will not sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. The following are the 2 most popular options we use explained to help you make an informed decision for both your floors and your budget.

Wire brushing

Wire brushing the floor can be done with any of the finishes we offer and is actually recommended if you are interested in a cerused look. Wire brushing removes the soft grain and gives the floor a distressed, textured look and feel! 

character grade white oak, wire brushed and coated with a hardwax oil

Standard option

Water-based Finish

The most popular type of finish in the industry today is water-based finishes. Most older homes were refinished with an oil-based finish as it was the most durable, in the past 10-15 years water base finishes have evolved creating a finish more durable than oil, thus making oil obsolete in todays market. Because they use water instead of a chemical solvent it creates very low VOCs, no off-putting odor, and dries/cures extremely fast. Water-based Finishes also allows you to get back to normal living much faster than oil based finishes. Water-based Finishes dry clear and do not amberize (yellow/darken) over time like oil base finishes do. 

Premium option

Hardwax Oils

This is the holy grail of hardwood floor finishes. HWO make for a low profile "lived in ''look that highlights the natural characteristics of the wood and will keep up with you and your family, while being forgiving to the everyday wear and tear that people and animals put on a floor. The repairability and renewability is superior to water base film finishes because you are dealing with only one entity (impregnated wood) instead of two with water base (wood and film finish), thus making it easier to repair/refresh over time without displacing the customer, especially in high traffic areas. Because of this, HWO floors, if maintained properly, will never have to be fully sanded ever again. 

HWO also has endless possibilities of colors and styles. "Pre-colors"or reactive stains can be used to create unique finishes whether you are looking for an "aged" look or to create a cerused (2 tone) look on the floors, your vision and creativity has no limits!


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